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Television (Composer)

Yugioh                                                  4Kids Entertainment

Yugioh 5D                                            4Kids Entertainment

Yugioh GX                                            4Kids Entertainment

Yugioh Zexal                                        4Kids Entertainment

Pokemon                                               4Kids Entertainment

Cubix                                                     4Kids Entertainment

Fighting Foodons                                  4Kids Entertainment

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles               4Kids Entertainment

Ultimate Muscle                                    4Kids Entertainment

Winx Club                                             4Kids Entertainment

Mew Mew                                             4Kids Entertainment

One Piece                                              4Kids Entertainment

Shaman King                                        4Kids Entertainment

Sonic X                                                 4Kids Entertainment

Crash Dummies                                    4Kids Entertainment

Ellen's Acres                                         Animation Collective

Kappa Mikey                                         Animation Collective

Three Delivery                                      Animation Collective

Speed Racer The Next Generation        Lions Gate

Dancing Sushi                                        Animation Collective

Dinosaur King                                        4Kids Entertainment
Bubble Guppies                                      Nickelodeon

Tai Chi Chasers                                      4Kids Entertainment

Jolly Rabbit                                            Animation Collective

Team Toon                                FremantleMedia/Nickelodeon    

Alien Dawn                              FremantleMedia/Nickelodeon     Martians Save Mars                                Sesame Street

Paranormal Education               Flicker Lab/Nickelodeon           Coach Snoop                                         AOL



City News (Toronto) Composed Main Themes and produced full news packages

City News International (Composed Main Themes and produced full news packages)

A Channel News (Composed Main Themes and produced full news packages)

CTV Sports

Your City (Edmonton)

Much Music

Much More Music

Rogers Media (Vancouver) Breakfast Television

Sesame Street


Film Credits (Programmer)

Geppetto (Disney)


Theatre (Composer)

Franz Kafka's "The Castle"


Theatre (arranger, programmer)

Wicked (Stephen Schwartz)

Working (Stephen Schwartz)


Film Credits (Composer)

Kurbaan (additional Music)

Raajnetti (additional Music)

Azaan (additional Music)
Pokemon The First movie (additional Music)

Pokemon 3 (additional Music)


Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

Midnight Mass

Carry on Papa

Twin Cousins

Pharoh Jones


Do not bend

Washed up

Fellini and me (Gemini Nomination for Best Score)

A Sidewalk Astronomer
Mamas Heart

Reverse Cowgirl

Soft Focus

Joes War

3 Bahadur



TV Commercials

Got Milk? (Composer)

Wicked (Arranger, Orchestrator)

Kids Help Phone (PSA Canada)

City News




UBS Bondport

Greenwich Academy




Dionne Warwick (Orchestral arrangements)
Donny Osmond (String Arrangements, Harmonica, orchestrations)

Joss Stone Mind Body and Soul (String Arrangements)

Joss Stone The Soul Sessions (String Arrangements)

Joss Stone The Soul Sessions II(String Arrangements)

Jonas Brothers (Keyboards)

Diane Birch (Orchestral Arrangements)

Emily West (String Arrangements and Keyboards)

Bouncing Souls (Strings)

Rubberman (orchestrations & Keyboards)

Depoet and the Monkey (Keyboards)

Haley Knoxx (String Arrangements)

Captain Louie Stephen Schwartz (Mix Engineer) 

Uncharted Territory Stephen Schwartz (Producer, Engineer)

Nursery Songs Nancy Hall Publishing (Producer Arranger engineer) 

Yugioh Soundtrack (Composer)

Beu Sisters (Keyboards, programming and String Arrangements)

Other artists include Joan Osborne, Paula Abdul The Corrs, Swirl 360, Imani Copolla (Touch by and Angel Soundtrack), Depoet and the Monkee, The Bahamen


Awards and nominations

1996 Gemini nomination for Fellini and Me

2013 Annie Award nomination for Bubble Guppies Fintastic Fairytale

2014 Emmy Award win for Bubble Guppies The Puppy and The Ring

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